Compensating for introversion with social media

I think there's little to argue against extroverts being at an advantage in many social situations. Connecting with a higher volume of people is very useful whether it's in business or your personal life.

But introverts can compensate for not being as active in making social connections with the help of social media.

I myself am a creative person and I can use Instagram, YouTube and FaceBook to share the process and results of my creativity. I can tell a story about who I am that can reach more people than I would normally have the energy to keep in touch with.

This is not an excuse to sit in your basement and only communicate online. Rather it's a way to enhance your standing in the real world in a way that can be done on your own schedule.

But you must have something to share. Maybe it's your cooking skills, the paintings you make, the business you run or the sports activities you take part in.

You have to be doing something in the real world.


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