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Opportunity Cost and the Law Of Diminishing Returns

Below are two comments I posted the other day about opportunity cost and the law of diminishing returns.

The first one was posted as a response to this article by Krauser: Ruminations O Happiness
When I was a couple of years into my game journey I started having some of the success that people dream about. At one point I was hooking up with women in club toilets within 30 minutes of meeting them (using sexual tension). While it was exciting the first couple of times I did it, most of the fun came from the fact that I was playing with the social matrix as I saw it. For me sex is much more fun in the privacy of my own home.
(Side note, in this period I became quite frustrated with women and how they were so completely living in the present that they’d rather have sex in an alley than come home with me, although that could be a failing of that particular style of game).
Moments like that made me stop and think, …

A quick fix for most of your game issues

I'm currently dealing with an issue which means I'm stuck at home unable to leave the house. So I've been hanging out on just to see what the current state of mind of men is in the world of dating advice.

As a side note I've always had an issue with labelling these skills and mindsets 'seduction', it sounds so sleazy and underhanded. 
Anyway 99% of the issues people are asking questions about on that forum can be solved in the following way. Live with an abundance mindset.
Easier said than done you say?
No, it's really easy.
All you need to do is multiply your efforts. If you're starting out you must be making at least 10 approaches per week (preferably 20 - 50 if you're hitting up bars and clubs). You need to be gathering as many contact details as you can. You need to line up two to three dates a week.
You need to have so many prospects that you can't differentiate between them all and need to keep notes on your phone to…

That's what friends are for

I've been reacquainting myself with the online world of men's lifestyle advice and I've noticed a lot of advice against having women as friends.

Even in my darkest days of immersion I never thought it was bad to have women as friends.
The reasoning seems to be that women won't help you bury a body in the desert at short notice and therefore can't be counted on as friends. And if they're not that kind of friend then they're using and manipulating you. 
That's very immature mindset and it's not going to help you.
The word friend can rely on a range of relationships. From the friend you've know since school, to the guy you hang out with at work or the girl that you regularly see at the dance class.
If you're trying to be friends with someone in the hope that you'll hook up with them at some point then you're on dangerous ground unless you know what you're doing.
I've done so with women in my social circle, people that I consider…