A quick fix for most of your game issues

I'm currently dealing with an issue which means I'm stuck at home unable to leave the house. So I've been hanging out on reddit.com/r/seduction just to see what the current state of mind of men is in the world of dating advice.

As a side note I've always had an issue with labelling these skills and mindsets 'seduction', it sounds so sleazy and underhanded. 

Anyway 99% of the issues people are asking questions about on that forum can be solved in the following way. Live with an abundance mindset.

Easier said than done you say?

No, it's really easy.

All you need to do is multiply your efforts. If you're starting out you must be making at least 10 approaches per week (preferably 20 - 50 if you're hitting up bars and clubs). You need to be gathering as many contact details as you can. You need to line up two to three dates a week.

You need to have so many prospects that you can't differentiate between them all and need to keep notes on your phone to tell them apart.

The more you do this the more you'll live with an abundance mindset and a whole bunch of sticking points will magically disappear. 


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