Opportunity Cost and the Law Of Diminishing Returns

Below are two comments I posted the other day about opportunity cost and the law of diminishing returns.

The first one was posted as a response to this article by Krauser: Ruminations O Happiness

When I was a couple of years into my game journey I started having some of the success that people dream about. At one point I was hooking up with women in club toilets within 30 minutes of meeting them (using sexual tension). While it was exciting the first couple of times I did it, most of the fun came from the fact that I was playing with the social matrix as I saw it. For me sex is much more fun in the privacy of my own home.

(Side note, in this period I became quite frustrated with women and how they were so completely living in the present that they’d rather have sex in an alley than come home with me, although that could be a failing of that particular style of game).

Moments like that made me stop and think, where does this lead to? Faster, hotter, more, multiple?
Yes it was pleasurable but it wasn’t satisfying as you put it. Every time I went out to clubs and bars I was emptying my ‘mental cup’, even more so since I’m an introvert.

So I switched to cultivating a lifestyle that satisfies me and that still brings women into my life. I complement this with opportunistic approaches at night and during the day. If I’m going through a dry spell I have the skills and experience to rack up a bunch of approaches in a short time and fill up my funnel with prospects.

The lifestyle I have now is more balanced and my ‘mental cup’ is almost always full. Which means I’m coming from a place of deeper satisfaction and fulfilment. This means that even with fewer interactions I do much better.

Could I rack up more notches by making game a central point of my life, sure. But in life you need to make choices and there are opportunity costs to take in to account as well.
I think if you’re not a natural you need to go through a period of training to get some basic game under your belt.

But once you have an intermediate skill level you need to decide how it fits into your life as a whole. Think about opportunity costs and the law of diminishing returns.

The next was in response to a thread on Reddit about how cold approaching is a waste of time in a world where a good social media presence seems to be more and more important.

The key is to strike a balance. If you are new to improving your dating skills then absolutely spend some time developing a basic skill level in cold approaching.

This is where the PUA instructors lead you astray though. See they love gaming, they love cold approaching. It's more than a hobby it's their calling and time spent cold approaching actually helps to develop their business. Look at Owen / Tyler from RSD, he's been doing it for almost 20 years and he still loves it.

The rest of us have to contend with two things though. Opportunity cost and the law of diminishing returns.

The first means that every hour spent on cold approach is an hour you could be spending building your ideal lifestyle. One that brings you more money, women and contacts with much less effort.

The law of diminishing returns is that there isn't a linear relationship between how many hours you are spending picking up women and how much pleasure / satisfaction / happiness it brings you. You end up in a place where it no longer feels like it's worth the effort.

In my opinion, yes develop some basic skills. Then switch over to building your lifestyle. When you are going through a dry patch use your skills to rapidly gather a lot of prospects and if you're the outgoing type use those same skills to grow your network.



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