That's what friends are for

I've been reacquainting myself with the online world of men's lifestyle advice and I've noticed a lot of advice against having women as friends.

Even in my darkest days of immersion I never thought it was bad to have women as friends.

The reasoning seems to be that women won't help you bury a body in the desert at short notice and therefore can't be counted on as friends. And if they're not that kind of friend then they're using and manipulating you. 

That's very immature mindset and it's not going to help you.

The word friend can rely on a range of relationships. From the friend you've know since school, to the guy you hang out with at work or the girl that you regularly see at the dance class.

If you're trying to be friends with someone in the hope that you'll hook up with them at some point then you're on dangerous ground unless you know what you're doing.

I've done so with women in my social circle, people that I considered friends and still do today. If you live a life where you show that you're comfortable with yourself as a man and can be discreet then in the back of their mind they'll consider it a possibility. Then sometimes the situation arises where it just happens. But you need to be in a mature headspace and experienced for that kind of stuff to happen.

The cult of the game scene worships the cold approach but you're missing out on a big chunk of life by dismissing 50% of the population as potential friends, acquaintances and business contacts.


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