Testosterone and the cycle of winning

Over on Reddit someone asked why his roommate did not seem to have any interest in changing his habits with women. 

See here:


On one level you can talk about beliefs systems and personal psychology but I think it's also useful to dig further down right to what's happening in our body.

Some of my comments in the thread:

On an unconscious level they realise that they are so low on the hierarchy that their genes are not deserving of being passed on.

You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink.

Sometimes you can help someone feel like they are moving up the hierarchy and they'll feel more worthy and then open to change.

SirByron wrote:

Not enough Testosterone (yes simplistic but accurate answer).
Testosterone drives ambition. True ambition realizes that it cannot change the world so it must change oneself.

Mankind's highest achievements are driven by Testosterone. Yes that's a simplistic answer but it is not inaccurate. In animals it drives size, musculature, aggression and drive. In humans it drives planning, adaptability, hard work, execution of the idea.

Betas simply don't produce enough testosterone.

To which I replied:

For some reason I got downvoted for saying something similar in a roundabout way. 

One of the ways to produce more testosterone is by 'winning' and gaining status / climbing higher in the social hierarchy. (yes you also need to exercise and  eat well). 

It can be either a negative or positive cycle. The more you win the more your body thinks it's higher in the hierarchy the more it rewards you with testosterone and other good hormones. 

If you are always 'losing' your body won't reward you and will put you in a beta state. 
It's a chicken and egg situation but it can be hacked with a healthy lifestyle and achieving small goals. 

Look up research done on the testosterone levels in athletes before and after winning as well as sports fans who've watched their team win.

Some articles and studies on testosterone:


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