I did my first non-approach yesterday

So it's only recently after some big life changes that I've felt like I can dedicate some time to actively working on my social life.

And yesterday was the first opportunity, which I didn't take. A nice girl with brown hair and a well put together outfit, standing on the tube platform. It wasn't anxiety as much as having no momentum.

It's been years since I've done a cold approach.

I'm not beating myself up about it too much. Although it only takes one moment like that to change your life.

I think it's because I hadn't really thought about how I want new people to fit into my life. Do I want short term flings or a real relationship?

Over the summer I hooked up with a couple of girls but it was through my social circle and the issue of whether it would develop into a relationship was out of my hands. My intent and focus was taken care of in a way.

Now I have to sort that out myself. Rather than overthink how and what every interaction could lead to I'm going to keep my goals minimal.

1. Grow my social circle through my hobbies, existing networks and cold approach.
2. Maintain the social circle in part through social media.
3. Screen and qualify people. Do not end up in a relationship by default. Only with people that truly add to my life.


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