It's not a battle it's a dance

I've recently been giving my opinion on a well known London based dating coach who has been accused of plagiarism. This has led people to speculate about his character.

Now this drama isn't really important but the reason I weighed in with my opinion is that I think new people should be aware of who they are learning from. The beliefs and frames of teachers have an effect on what and how you learn.

When it comes to improving your social life there's no need to call women bitches (outside of the bedroom), no need to think of yourself as seducing someone (you're not getting people to do things they don't want to do) and no need to see a congruence or authenticity test as a personal attack that you need to beat back.

You can choose language and behaviors that presuppose empowering, win-win frames and beliefs.

Some teachers presuppose a battle of the sexes, others a dance.

Be mindful of what kind of beliefs you are fostering in yourself.


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