More than a numbers game

So I watched Todd's new video in which he says there's nothing wrong with keeping track of your statistics in order to make sure you're taking the right actions and improving over time.

This applies to every other area of life. Why not to specific parts of socialising? Well... most people would find that very strange. But I'm an INTJ and that's just how we roll.

However something that I've been trying to talk about for years but not many people seem interested in discussing is keeping track of the time and energy you put in to your social life and being aware of the results you're getting from that.

I'm not talking about spending the evening with some friends or family at a restaurant. You can't put a price on that.

I'm talking about whether spending hours and hours in pubs, bars and clubs or walking around shopping areas looking for women to approach is a worthwhile investment of your time?

If you're shy and inexperienced then it's definitely worth spending time getting to a basic level of confidence, skill and experience in socialising. But after that? Is there a law of diminishing returns? Would it be better to spend that time and effort building and maintaining some kind of ecosystem for your social life?

I don't know the answer to this, but my intuition says there is probably a system and optimal ratio between maintaining a social circle and bringing new people in to your funnel as it where.

And as an introvert what that system and ratio looks like will be different to what works for an extrovert who isn't drained from interacting with large groups of people.

At the moment I have an interesting life that brings in a steady trickle of new people. Also I have a fairly easy way to maintain this situation through using social media. It's not the same as holding parties at a mansion but it's good enough for now.

But I recognise that I need to be adding a greater volume of people to my funnel in order to reach my goals Maybe this requires one night or day a week of pure socialising for the sake of it. Perhaps less, perhaps more? It's something for me to think about and then take action.


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