My first contact close since I'm back in the game

I just got back from a night out watching some live music and I had my first contact close of this new era in my social life.

A very cute girl with long black hair. Now I'm really out of practice in terms of being consciously aware of what I'm doing but I have internalised a lot of behaviours over the years.

I wrote a detailed report for myself but I won't post that here. The main points of importance were:

  1. I was sitting by the side of the bar when she came over next to me to pack her bag on a table. She was taking very long and my intuition started tingling that this was on purpose. I didn't open immediately but a moment later with a question that only required a yes or no answer.
  2. Later she was with friends and I caught her looking in my direction. It seemed to me that at least one of the guys liked her but that they weren't together.
  3. I moved places and she positions herself near me and I used the opportunity to speak to her again with situation comments, then introduced myself. I noticed that while here friends were moving around the bar and to other rooms, she didn't follow them. 
  4. When the friends went away I started a more in depth conversation. I asked some questions, teased her a little and made sure to qualify her quite a bit. 
  5. I mentioned how I was going to be back in the same venue next week and she said she would like to come so I got her contact details.
  6. All in all she gave me some good opportunities to engage her and escalate things which I'm glad I picked up on. I shouldn't have to wait for those things but considering how I haven't done much of this in a long time I'm glad I picked up on the various cues she gave me.

I've been in the game for a long time, name a system or method and I've tried it out. Over time I've internalised some things and forgotten a lot of others. Right now the things that I'm conscious of doing are:

  1. Asking good open ended questions
  2. Light teasing
  3. Qualifying
  4. Statements of Intent
That's pretty much my game right now. But I want to get very scientific for a while, break it all down for myself and build things up again.


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