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Logic and Reason vs Emotions

This is a great example of what happens when someone who has a set of beliefs and ideas that are strongly grounded in evidence, experience and rationality meets someone whose beliefs are based on emotions and soundbites.

I don't think think this is an example of good game, rather it shows the ideal character that a man should possess before game is applied. It's an ideal that will result in attraction from some women. But if that's your end goal don't think you should be out to win verbal battles. It's a dance remember.

Days of Game did an analysis which you can read here: Jordan Peterson On Channel 4 News: A Masterclass In Shit Tests, Frames And Masculinity

Here are my comments:

A good explanation of what might be going on. I would say that anyone that wants to learn ‘game’ from this situation should be clear on a couple of things.
1. It was not his intent to cause any attraction, if there was any. It’s a byproduct of his certainty in his experience and his leaders…

Tension between Han and Leia

I was unfortunately subjected to the travesty that is the Last Jedi over the holidays and I thought back to the original trilogy. Were they really only made for kids? Is it my childhood nostalgia that colours my perception of them?

Of course not. Take this scene between Han and Leia for example. As a kid I had no idea what was going on. As an adult I understand it's all about tension.

I feel sorry for the young people who call this scene creepy because they've never experienced anything like this themselves.