Logic and Reason vs Emotions

This is a great example of what happens when someone who has a set of beliefs and ideas that are strongly grounded in evidence, experience and rationality meets someone whose beliefs are based on emotions and soundbites.

I don't think think this is an example of good game, rather it shows the ideal character that a man should possess before game is applied. It's an ideal that will result in attraction from some women. But if that's your end goal don't think you should be out to win verbal battles. It's a dance remember.

Days of Game did an analysis which you can read here: Jordan Peterson On Channel 4 News: A Masterclass In Shit Tests, Frames And Masculinity

Here are my comments:

A good explanation of what might be going on. I would say that anyone that wants to learn ‘game’ from this situation should be clear on a couple of things.

1. It was not his intent to cause any attraction, if there was any. It’s a byproduct of his certainty in his experience and his leadership.

2. To an extent he acts subservient during this interview in that he doesn’t want to break the meta frame. “We’re both agreeing to hold an interview in which one person asks the other person questions or interrogates them”. 

If he had game skills and his intentions were amorous he would flip the script. “How about I see if you measure up to my standards?”

If you’re in a bar and a girl you have approached acts in this way you can battle her, and so accept her frame or you can ignore her questions and her frame and set your own frame.

3. He smiles and laughs in a slightly subservient way. It’s not 100% amused mastery, there is a tinge of fake or real subservience. I have no doubt he is capable of being dominant. As you pointed out he flashes some stern faces and voice tone, but he still doesn’t want to break the “interview” frame too much. He pushes against it slightly.

If I were in his shoes and I wanted to turn on my ‘game’ I would break the interview frame and start interrogating her and my laughs and smiles would be reserved as rewards for her compliance.

I’m not saying that you have to approach interactions with women like a dominant gorilla, but the way Jordan approaches the conversation is still quite safe and respectful compared to how I ‘game’.

Another important thing. The moment he said “Gotcha!” was a way to relieve the tension of her experiencing cognitive dissonance. In a dating situation you should hold the tension and not say anything.

As an interviewee that is also communicating with people at home it was the right thing to do.
But if you’re speaking with a woman that you’re interested in and she’s experiencing some cognitive dissonance let her stew in it. 

Hold eye-contact with a slight smirk on your face. She’ll seek your approval if you have displayed that you have a strong character.

But that’s just my style, less is more. 

Speak only when necessary, if you can communicate the same with body language and facial expressions then do that.

EDIT: I'm watching a follow up interview and he shows his understanding that this wasn't so much an interview as a sparring match. He even mentions the moment he said 'Gotcha!', and wonders if he could have said something different in that moment. This is all discussed in the first 15 minutes in case you're put off by the length of the video.


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