Move to my new flat + IG close

So I finally moved to my new flat this week and am ready to start taking my social life seriously again. My previous living situation wasn't ideal in terms of logistics but I'm in a much better position now. A couple of minutes from the underground station and a nice cafe with a separate lounge area right next to it. It couldn't be better.

Tonight I went out to meet a friend at a comedy night she had set up. I got talking to a cute girl with long black hair, slightly taller than me. I have a thing for women that are a little taller than me because they're so used men being intimidated by that fact.

She was one of the people who organised the night so wasn't able to speak with her a lot but enough to swap IG details. After the swap I told her not to judge me on one of the stories I have pinned. Hopefully that serves as an incentive for her to check out my profile (Credit to RSD Max who uses this method on Tinder). I did not get the chance to 'communicate man to woman' or to seed a future meeting though.

I also recently hooked up with a friend that I dated a couple of years ago and have been talking with another former fb, she'll be visiting me soon.


  1. Hi. Which products do you reccomend for who is starting? daygame blueprint, daygame by todd, streehustle from torero, stealth seduction?
    Plz , I need some help

    1. Hi, I haven't watched any of them so can't help you with that. I'd just pick one and apply it. There won't be much difference and you'll learn to tailor the method to your own needs as you gain experience.


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