IG closes and spotting a natural

Tonight I went to a fairly typical London pub, quite light a mixture of ages. I'm watching an acoustic act and I'm sitting to the side behind two cute looking girls. I ask one if she is here to see anyone in particular and we start talking. I find out they are visiting from outside London and are students. I ask the one I'm interested in "What's important to you about studying XYZ?" and later "How did you become interested in XYZ?" got some good responses, held eye-contact and was silent after each answer for a couple of seconds, not quite long enough for sexual tension and then rewarded her with a touch and approval.

I moved ahead slightly to get a better view of the musician and while I was waiting I saw out of my the corner of my eye a guy approach and get very close really quickly, I wasn't sure if the guy was doing the drunk creepy thing or just escalating very quickly. Well it was the latter they were making out within minutes. Now this was a very well lit pub, not a dark bar and believe me this is highly unusual outside of clubs especially for English people. I admit i was jealous but props to the guy. I've done fast escalation like that before but in clubs and loud bars, not a relaxed pub.

After the musician had finished I approached the two girls again. We spoke a bit more about their studies, the town they live in and I swapped instagram details with them. I decided to do some more mingling after my set.

I found three girls by the bar, 2 very good looking 1 not so much. Again I asked if they were here to see anyone specific and they were also students and also visiting from outside London. I had a really good conversation, joking and teasing. Again I asked the two questions "What's important to you about studying XYZ?" and later "How did you become interested in XYZ?". It wasn't really possible to isolate any one in particular and although some sexual topics did come up I wouldn't say there was any real tension between me and the girls. Throughout the conversation although I was teasing and joking around my focus was on finding out what made each of them unique and giving approval for things that I liked about them, for example an interesting opinion, a hobby or activity. Again we swapped IG details.


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