Tinder results so far

In the past my results with online dating have not been very good but I figured it was worth trying again since my lifestyle has improved since then.

I started swiping half way through February and have 49 matches which resulted in 11 conversations but no dates yet. A couple of those seemed interested in meeting up but when it came to setting a time and place it was not possible to finalise something.

I wonder if my messages are incongruent with what my bio and pictures say about me. I'm quite playful, doing my best to stand out from the crowd but it might be undermining a dating / sexual frame with a friendly / playful frame.

I'm doing this with zero expectations given my past experiences but would expect some better results. I've noticed that some girls are following me on Instagram though, which is good.

Yesterday I said I wanted to go out to a club but a friend I hadn't seen in a while was in town so I met up with him. Later in the evening I got what I hoped was a booty call from someone I hooked up with a year ago. We met up for drinks and started kissing, I got her back to my place but then she said it wasn't a good idea to go further because she is dating someone.

I wonder if I failed the chad test? As described in this post which I saw in my feed this morning: Chad Test

"Slowly it starts to dawn on you: she likes you... just not enough to make you one of the men she gives it up too fast."


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