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New hookup, but my mind is melting

I've been going out 4 or 5 nights a week for the the past month and a half and last Friday it resulted in my first new hook-up of the year. There's not much interesting about what happened. I met her in a club and saw there was interest from early on. I kept the tension as high as I could and bounced home when I felt the time was right.

It was fun but now I'm starting to remember what I struggled with in the past when learning these skills. It's very draining for me to have so many superficial interactions with people. Every conversation is just complete nonsense and it doesn't help that the girls are often tipsy or drunk. I feel my mind slowly melting away leaving only the most base thoughts and instincts. I have a friend who thrives in this mode of being. It gets him results so he doesn't care.

But it's incredibly draining for me and sex isn't enough of a reward at the end of it all. It's Saturday night and I went out to watch a couple of bands. B…