Dive Bar

Friday night I went to a small dive bar in North London to watch a friend's band perform.

It's not very big but the layout of the bar is such that it's very easy to meet people. The room is quite narrow and the bar spans most of the length of the room.

There were a couple of good interactions with one stand out that might have gone somewhere had the girl lived in London. She was visiting from a suburb and was heading back with her friends that night.

I started the conversation by asking her what she thought of the band and from there had a pretty fun conversation. Bouncing between 'getting to know each other' talk and joking around.

Lately I've been using a bit of what people used to call canned material. Not necessarily routines but just little lines or short stories that help me steer things in the right direction. For example to bait people into asking about my non-work activities or to talk about particular topics.

I got her to add me on IG but since she li…

Russian Instagram Close

I was out on last night (Saturday) in East London and there were hardly any prospects. The kind of night where I wished I'd just stayed at home and worked on my projects. But I checked out a new venue so that's good thing I guess.

I thought I'd make up for it today by going out to some market areas (deciding against heading to Trafalgar square for St Patrick's Day celebrations).

When I got on the tube I happened to sit next to a gorgeous brunette girl, I was spying at her phone to see what kind of music she was listening to and noticed Cyrillic words. So I asked her if she was Russian, which she confirmed.

I found out why she was in London and spoke about why I love the city. She mentioned wanting to live in the US as well and I told her about some of my favourite cities there. When it comes to meeting people on the tube you have to act fast, demonstrate as much as you can within a small time frame and close aggressively.

I noticed she was looking up at the tube map an…

Walking around London town, 1 approach

I'm in a place where I want to get my social life back on track. The past six months have seen some ups and downs. I managed two SDLs (one from a bar and one from a daytime approach) and I had a regular FB for a couple of months through my social circle. 
But I spent the winter putting a lot of time into my money making and my creative projects and my social life took a backseat. 
So time to get out there.
Today I walked around the centre of London, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden the usual places. But no one really grabbed my attention, I headed over to Old Street later in the afternoon. I walked past a bar that had a girl performing with her guitar and I noticed a nice looking brunette with cool purple boots sitting on a bench on her own. 
I sat at a bench next to her and pointed at her boots without saying anything. I wasn't deliberately going for a non-verbal opener, rather it was a consequence of me not speaking to anyone for a couple of hours.
I found out that she was vis…

New hookup, but my mind is melting

I've been going out 4 or 5 nights a week for the the past month and a half and last Friday it resulted in my first new hook-up of the year. There's not much interesting about what happened. I met her in a club and saw there was interest from early on. I kept the tension as high as I could and bounced home when I felt the time was right.

It was fun but now I'm starting to remember what I struggled with in the past when learning these skills. It's very draining for me to have so many superficial interactions with people. Every conversation is just complete nonsense and it doesn't help that the girls are often tipsy or drunk. I feel my mind slowly melting away leaving only the most base thoughts and instincts. I have a friend who thrives in this mode of being. It gets him results so he doesn't care.

But it's incredibly draining for me and sex isn't enough of a reward at the end of it all. It's Saturday night and I went out to watch a couple of bands. B…

Reddit Article: Male Behavioural Archetypes

An interesting article posted over on Reddit with a focus on the Sigma archetype. I don't have anything to add at the moment other than that I think that you could say that Alphas 'lead' while Sigmas 'inspire'. Male Behavioural Archetypes

Friday night at a local bar

Today was a long day and I was secretly glad it had been raining a lot because I was quite tired and it was good excuse for me to stay in. After dinner I took a nap but when I woke up at 9pm I noticed it was dry outside. I decided to head out to a local bar that usually has live music to see what was going on. It's not far from where I live so was worth checking out. Inside there were a fair number of people and a band was indeed playing. As I mentioned before I feel so much better about being in a venue on my own if there's a reason to be there besides drinking. I know this is a limiting belief and something I pushed beyond in the past. But I'm just being honest about where I'm at now. I approached three different groups of girls. Pretty much all there were except for one very good looking brunette who seemed to be with one of the band members. I opened each of them with a situational comment but while the conversations where good it was not easy to speak while …

First street approach and first proper night out in a long time

The weather in London is becoming more bearable and it's time to make good on my promise to invest in my social life. In the last post I mentioned how I went out to hang out with a friend. On the way there I walked past a girl who flashed me a quick smile, but as luck would have it we were crossing the street and by the time I had realised what had happened cars were driving past, blocking my way back. I couldn't get back across in time before she disappeared in the dark. That was a reminder to always be alert. Look ahead to see who's coming your way and be ready to make moves at a moment's notice. So yesterday I went out to see some bands perform and on the way to the venue I saw an attractive girl come towards me. I hesitated a moment too long and let her walk past but I called out and managed to get her to turn around, I made a statement to show my interest but she politely blew me off saying she had to meet her friends. That was my first cold street approach in…